GW7 Team Analysis

Previous Rank: 64,095. Free transfers: 2

GW Points: 59. GW Average: 51. GW Rank: 1,399,311. Overall Rank: 64,565

As close to the elusive grey arrow as I will likely come this season, my team suffered a small drop of 470 places. Again I was punished for not owning Hazard, who scored 10 pts vs Liverpool, which in the end cost me a decent green arrow. Hazard is now owned by a sizeable 83.5% of the top 10k; this coupled with his impressive form makes him pretty advisable to own going forward. In hindsight it would have been better to come to this conclusion a few GWs ago, but I’ve moved early this week and transferred him in for Mane with one of my two free transfers. Better late than never, no use being stubborn when it comes to FPL.

Liverpool vs Chelsea

The Liverpool Chelsea game was a hugely frustrating / stressful watch, not only did Salah miss a handful of decent chances before being subbed off early, but it was heart attack time every time Alexandar-Arnold bombed forward from right back leaving Hazard in near to 30 yards of unoccupied space. it’s probably a miracle he only scored once. Mane was peripheral at best. I wasn’t expecting anything from Robertson or Alonso, but it was annoying to lose Alonso’s clean sheet at the death.

Aguero Off Early Again

Aguero was subbed off early for the third successive GW. Luckily he scored just before being hooked, for some much needed captain points. Pep revealed Aguero has been playing through the pain of an ankle injury, explaining the early substitutions. I’ve no doubt Aguero will start against Liverpool in GW8, however he played 90 mins vs Hoffenheim this evening, so there’s a good chance he’ll be subbed off early again. I’m considering transferring him out for Kane, who has arguably his best fixture of the season in GW8 vs Cardiff at home.

Best of the Rest

It is my value players that are currently helping my team tread water. Maddisson and Zaha delivered solid points for their price again. Maddisson has now returned attacking points in his last 4 GWs. Trippier delivered on my prediction of him returning a double digit haul in at least one fixture GW6-8 (fingers crossed he does it again vs Cardiff in GW8), and the Wolves defence continues to surpass all expectations with another clean sheet, their 3rd of the season. If you haven’t considered him, Doherty, the Wolves right wing back, looks outstanding value at 4.5, having recorded his 2nd double digit haul of the season with 12pts at home to Saints. His underlying stats are also excellent, ranking amongst defenders; 2nd for shots on goal (11), 1st for shots in the box (10), and 4th for chances created (9).

Final Thoughts

While I am happy with an overall rank in the top 100k at this stage of the season, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed I haven’t made more of my excellent start to the season, which saw me placed 10k after GW1. My inaction in not jumping on Hazard before his hatrick against Cardiff in GW5 or Kane before his brace against Huddersfield last week has cost me a nose bleed inducing position in the top 10k.

It’s best not to look backwards in FPL though (it’s usually depressing), best to look forward to the hatrick Hazard will score vs Saints! I am however, definitely looking forward to pressing that wildcard button once the GW8 deadline has passed.


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