FPL: GW1 Team Result

GW1 of the 2018/19 FPL season will be forever remembered as the GW the stars aligned, and the miserly FPL gods took their eye off the ball as they allowed my team to hit a tonne and record its best ever start to an FPL season.

The success of any given GW comes down to the performance of the players you don’t own as much as the ones you do. Although I had no players from the first two games, United conceding late to wipe out the 30% owned Dea Gea’s clean sheet, and Spurs limping to a 2-1 win over Newcastle with no returns for the highly owned Kane (31% & 17.4% captained), Eriksen (17%), and Trippier (24% & benched), made the potential for a good start a very real possibility.

Chelsea dampened the mood slightly with the 17% owned Alonso netting an 11 point haul, and the 22% Kante scoring his annual goal. However my budget players kept pace, a clean sheet each for Foster and Smith, a goal for Zaha, and a brace for Richarlison set Sunday up nicely for my heavy hitting City and Liverpool triple ups to do some damage.

And do some damage they did, exceeding all expectations by hitting 68 points between them. As Mane swivelled to score his second, I looked to the skies and thanked the FPL gods for guiding me towards the Liverpool midfield double up and ignoring the lure of Firmino. After the Liverpool game I was hovering around the 100k mark and looking forward to Aguero tearing apart the Arsenal back line. That didn’t quite materialise, but as Mendy pulled the ball back for Bernardo Silva to hammer into the net, it hardly seemed to matter that Aguero was sitting there with just the 2 points.

A final score of 101 points was good enough for a rank of just over 10k. There’s not many points separating the ranks at this stage of the season though, so fingers crossed my teams form will continue. No transfers planned for this week, I’ll save the transfer to give myself two frees in GW3. I look forward to the FPL gods getting their revenge in GW2.

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5 thoughts on “FPL: GW1 Team Result

  1. How did your side get on in GW1? Were you happy with your score, or left cursing some bad luck? Do you have any transfers planned for GW2 or will you be rolling the transfer to have two in GW3? Let me know in the comments below!


      1. King to Zaha probably. Though I may give King another week,

        Hughes (who got me a goal today) to Mkhi is another thought.

        Like you I kept the captaincy on Aguero, thank goodness.


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